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Exactly How I Lost Weight With Smoothies

Exactly How I Lost Weight With SmoothiesAfter reading my story, people have been asking me exactly how I lost fifty-five pounds. Usually they want to know if I used special weight loss smoothies. Sometimes they ask if I went on special diet or exercise programs.I’ve always been happy to share my experience – after all, that’s why I started this site. But the truth is, I’ve become reluctant to tell people how I lost the weight. Everyone always expects me to tell them I used some fad diet or another. When I tell them the simple truth, they usually look disappointed. By their expression, I know they aren’t going to try my advice. I think that if I had told them something like “I switched to an all-fish diet” or (given the subject of this site) “I drank smoothies for every meal”, they would be more willing to give it a try.So brace yourself for disappointment. Here is the simple strategy I used:1. I switched from high GL carbohydrates to low ones: This is as close to a fad diet as I came. Note that I didn’t give up carbohydrates altogether, just changed the ones I ate. GL stands for Glycemic Load, which is an indication of the impact on your blood sugar.Most of the carbohydrates I ate – potatoes, white bread, and white rice – have a high Glycemic Load. They increase your blood sugar, causing it to spike dramatically after the meal. Your body reacts (overreacts) by pumping out more insulin than you need. As part of this process, your body also stops burning fat for fuel so it can use up the extra blood sugar instead. Body fat begins to accumulate on your belly and butt. The extra insulin brings your blood sugar back down – too far down in fact, to a point where it is lower than before you ate. This causes a huge decrease in your energy level. Your body overreacts again, this time by releasing hormones that raise the blood levels of sugars and fats. Your brain also starts to think you are hungry again. Low GL carbohydrates don’t have this roller coaster effect on your blood sugar. Low GL carbohydrates include peas and lentils. They get converted to blood sugar very slowly. Your blood sugar stays regulated without the release of extra insulin and the fat content gets burned off without it being stored on your tummy. Smoothies helped me eliminate high GL carbohydrates at breakfast. I used to always grab a muffin or bagel on the way to work and eat it at my desk. I got rid of these high GL carbs by making a week’s worth of smoothies which I could drink in the car during my commute.2. In addition to eliminating high GL carbohydrate, I started eating more whole grains: Whole grains are rich in fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and other nutrients. From everything I read, white flour is evil. I switched from sandwiches on white bread to whole wheat, from regular pasta to whole wheat pasta, from white rice to brown rice, and from potato chips to popcorn.3. I ate mote fruits and vegetables:I ate at least 6 to 9 small servings of vegetables and fruit each day. Basically, whenever I was hungry I would snack on things like carrot sticks or fruit slices. Or I’d drink a smoothie. These would fill me up without adding calories. I noticed that I started having more energy during the day too.Another thing I did without adding calories was to add vegetables to all my meals. I love spaghetti – mainly because of my Mom’s homemade spaghetti sauce. In addition to switching to whole wheat pasta, I started adding red peppers and mushrooms. I’d eat the same amount of food, but a smaller portion of it was pasta. The rest was low-calorie, high nutrition vegetable.4. I added protein to every meal: Protein has little effect on blood sugar. They also control hunger, helping reduce between meal snacking. Protein also helps feed your calorie-burning muscle tissue.5. I ate smaller portions: When cooking at home, I put less on my plate. When eating out, I immediately divided the food in half and put it in a doggy bag. If I got hungry later, I’d get some smoothie from the fridge or munch on some nuts.6. I started exercising: I started taking walks at lunch and in the evening. I’d run on weekends. I never really stuck with one exercise program – I’d do something for a while that was new or fun. When I got bored of it, I switched to something different. The main thing was that I tried to do a little something every day.That was it. It was a slow and steady approach, but after eight months I had lost 55 pounds!One of the key points that made this approach successful was that I never thought of it as a diet. It was a strategy. That way I never felt like I was cheating. More than anything, I just focused on changing the way I did things.What role did smoothies for weight loss play?Smoothies allowed me to remove high GL carbohydrates from my breakfast.They gave me extra servings of fruit and vegetables.I started adding more and more green smoothies to my daily routine which gave me extra fiber, helped control food cravings, and helped my balance my energy levels.They allowed me to introduce fruits into my diet that I didn’t normally eat, like mangoes.I started adding flax seeds which gave me another source of nutrients.So that’s the full story behind my weight loss smoothies. Hope you aren’t disappointed. Stick with it, and I am sure you will lose the weight too!Search Fruit RecipesBlueberry SmoothiesBanana SmoothiesStrawberry SmoothiesApricot SmoothiesApple SmoothiesMango SmoothiesOrange SmoothiesPeach SmoothiesPineapple SmoothiesAvacado SmoothiesKiwi SmoothiesBlackberries SmoothiesYogurt SmoothiesGreen Recipes SmoothiesSpinach SmoothiesCilantro SmoothiesKale SmoothiesCelery SmoothiesCarrots SmoothiesResourcesSmoothie BooksBlenders and Mixers