Which Blender Should You Use? Blend Your Smoothies

Which Blender Should You Use?

Which Blender Should You Use?Any blender will work for making smoothies. The specific blender you use will not affect the taste or the quality of the smoothie. However, there are big differences between blenders in how long the blender will last.I started with a fairly cheap blender. It lasted for about 6 months – long enough to get me hooked on smoothies – but then it started to smoke when I was making a thick smoothie. At that point I ran into a streak of bad blenders. I had one where the bottom of the glass pitcher broke off when I took it from the blender base. My dark green smoothie dripped down the base, over the counter, and onto the floor. Yuck! Another one lasted a week before it simply stopped working.My fourth blender has been a keeper – it’s lasted for over a year now and does a great job crushing up whatever fruits and vegetables I put in it. I get smooth consistencies every time.The other great thing about it is that it is easy to clean. The bottom just unscrews for easy rinsing with soapy water. The blender is called the Cuisinart CBT-1000 PowerEdge. It is 1000 watts and comes with a 64 ounce pitcher. I paid about $250 for it, but it has come down in price. You can find it here on Amazon:Search Fruit RecipesBlueberry SmoothiesBanana SmoothiesStrawberry SmoothiesApricot SmoothiesApple SmoothiesMango SmoothiesOrange SmoothiesPeach SmoothiesPineapple SmoothiesAvacado SmoothiesKiwi SmoothiesBlackberries SmoothiesYogurt SmoothiesGreen Recipes SmoothiesSpinach SmoothiesCilantro SmoothiesKale SmoothiesCelery SmoothiesCarrots SmoothiesResourcesSmoothie BooksBlenders and Mixers